Unscripted talks about (mostly) photography


Join Spencer Pablo and Scott Davenport for each week for a fun, candid, unscripted chat about photography. There may be some rambling, some off-topic tangents, and some good-natured teasing. There will be laughing. Join in.


Unscripted Talks About (Mostly) Photography

Ep. 009: Photo Festivus!!

It is the season for giving. And sometimes treating yourself, too.

Join Spencer and Scott in this holiday spirited episode. We talk about Black Friday deals and the things we gifted ourselves. Spencer’s list is *long* and includes the brand new Sony A7RIII and a DJI Mavic Pro. Scott is having a Sony A7R converted to infrared by Life Pixel. The conversation turns to what gear - if any - is still on the purchasing radar. Scott talks about printing panos and small prints for archival purposes. And we remember to mention Festivus! 

Did you gift yourself anything photographic this holiday season? Let us know in the comments, and what led you to make that choice.

A few items from our list of holiday gifts to ourselves:

  • Sony A7RIII
  • DJI Mavic Pro
  • Life Pixel infrared conversion for the Sony A7R
  • ... and a bunch more... Spencer is a purchasing fiend!

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