Unscripted talks about (mostly) photography


Join Spencer Pablo and Scott Davenport for each week for a fun, candid, unscripted chat about photography. There may be some rambling, some off-topic tangents, and some good-natured teasing. There will be laughing. Join in.


Unscripted Talks About (Mostly) Photography

Ep. 021: Let's Do The Time Lapse Again!

C’mon you Rocky Horror Picture Show fans… you know you have hummed the Time Warp while waiting for a long time lapse to finish.

This video is a little out of order, which explains why Scott and Spencer take a few minutes to catch up. When this was recorded, Scott was just back from a Death Valley workshop. Spencer had returned from some camping in southeast California.

Spencer continues his quest for San Diego skyline photos, this week with a time lapse. A gorgeous cloud bank sat behind the skyline and the sun cooperated, too! After the shoot, he and Scott talk about taking time lapses. Spencer wishes his newer Sony cameras supported the PlayMemories applications. Instead, he’s living camera dongle life with an introvalometer.

Scott raises the point that time lapses can be done in any place. Cities are cool for day to night changes or capturing hustle and bustle. Quieter towns often have less light pollution and give better opportunities for night sky time lapses. A thing San Diego misses out on often is weather time lapses - interested clouds are rarer in Southern California.

The guys chat about hyper lapses for a bit (remember those!) and how basic time lapses can be straightforward. All you need is a tripod and some time. Spencer also talks about a rail system he has, and how those setups do require more preparation and thought to use.

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