Unscripted talks about (mostly) photography


Join Spencer Pablo and Scott Davenport for each week for a fun, candid, unscripted chat about photography. There may be some rambling, some off-topic tangents, and some good-natured teasing. There will be laughing. Join in.


Unscripted Talks About (Mostly) Photography

Ep. 029: Receiving & Giving Photo Critiques

Critiques, from a trusted source, can help you greatly improve your photos.

In this episode, Spencer and Scott talk about photo critiques. From a trusted source, critiques are invaluable to help you improve your photos. The guys talk about being on both the giving and receiving end of critiques. Scott and Spencer share the process they use when doing a photo critique. Also, how you can accept critique - whether or not you incorporate it into your photography. And then Spencer critiques Scott’s critique method (just kidding!).

How about you critique Photographers In Cars? Are you enjoying the podcast? What do you like? What don’t you like? What would you like to see more of? And if there’s a topic you’d like Scott and Spencer to discuss, pitch it in the comments.

Scott’s “Laws” of Photo Critiques: https://www.scottdavenportphoto.com/blog/2014/8/24/scotts-laws-of-photo-critique-or-you-are-the-beginning-and-the-end-of-your-art

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